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Pin Recipe Grillie Chicken with Curry Peas and Garlic
14 minutes
Grillie Chicken with Curry Peas and Garlic is another Grillie chicken recipe, and this time we are using chicken breasts. This Grillie chicken with curry is a bit spicy favoring an Indian style curry cuisine. Easy to prepare and feeds 4-5 people. The Grillie allows you to grill the entire meal without having to prepare sides and other dishes. Enjoy the Grillie Chicken!
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Pin Recipe Making Grillie Fillie Dough Discs
1 minute
Learn how to make the Grillie Fillie dough discs. Keep a dozen or so in the refrigerator for daily use for making Grillie Fillies.
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Pin Recipe The Grilled Nutella and Fruit Dessert – Amazing Grillie Fillie Desserts
7 minutes
The grilled Nutella dessert. Now you can grill Nutella Grillie Fillies with fresh fruit. No way! Yes you can, now grill desserts with your Grillies. Make this amazing grilled dessert and become the hit of your town and taste the most amazing dessert from the grill.
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Pin Recipe The Grilled Peanut Butter Peach and Chocolate Chips – Amazing Grillie Fillie Desserts
6 minutes
The ultimate grilled food for Kids. This Peanut Butter peach and chocolate chip Grillie Fillie is almost like a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich except it is better tasting and healthier! Only 6 minutes on the grill. One Grillie can make 4 Peanut butter peach Grillie Fillies in 6 minutes. Your kids will love this Grillie dessert recipe.
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Pin Recipe Frozen Buffalo Chicken Wings Grillie Style
18 minutes
If I could design a way to grill buffalo chicken wings any easier I would, but I CAN’T. The Grillie is the fastest easiest and best way to grill buffalo chicken wings ever! You will feel like you are cheating it is so easy. Get yourself some frozen buffalo wings, I use Perdue Buffalo Chicken Style Wings, and fill your Grillie with 20 of them. Put them on the Grill and relax.
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Pin Recipe Grillie Spinach and Garlic
12 minutes
Grillied spinach and garlic. You can now grill spinach and garlic using the Grillie. The taste is amazing! Juicy, grilled and garlicky. The only way to cook spinach and it is so easy you will feel like you are cheating at the grill.
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Pin Recipe Grillie Shrimp Peach Onions and Garlic
10 minutes
Grill shrimp with peaches onions and garlic the easy way with the Grillie. This shrimp recipe cannot get any better or easier to grill. Mix shrimp, peaches, onions and garlic, grill for 10-12 minutes at 450 using the greatest grilling device ever “The Grillie” and serve a seafood dish your family will love! I promise you the Grillie will make the best tasting grilled food you will ever have!
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Pin Recipe Grillie Fillie Grande Blueberry or Apple
8 minutes
The Grillie Fillie Grande is a new recipe built on the original Grillie Fillie idea. The Grande is s super sized Grillie Fillie. You can make savory or sweet Grande’s. This recipe is a sweet Grande. You will be making not baking a grilled dessert that only takes 8 minutes on the grill and about 8 minutes to create.
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Pin Recipe Grillie Criss Cross Lemon Pepper Chicken
12 minutes
Criss Cross lemon Pepper Chicken is another recipe from Fran. Deceptively simple and yet may be the best chicken you will grill. No sticking to the grill, no tearing of the criss cross pieces and the chicken will be the most juicy grilled chicken you will ever have. The Grillie makes everything easy and the food tastes amazing.
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Pin Recipe Grillie Crinkle French Fries From The Frozen Food Section
20 minutes
Make the best crispy grilled fries ever. Try this recipe. All you need is 1 bag of seasoned crinkle fries, 1 Grillie, 25 minutes and a grill.
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