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Grillie Salmon Butternut Squash Noodles Spinach and GarlicBy GrillieThis salmon recipe is simply awesome. I will show you how to grill a complete fish dinner for four in 12 minutes. Salmon, butternut squash noodles, baby spinach and garlic. The taste is 5 Star quality. If you like salmon you will love this salmon dinner.
Grillie Red Potato Salad with OnionsBy GrillieThis is the Grillie version of potato salad. Now you can make a grilled potato salad with the Grillie. The taste will be unforgettable. Grillied potato salad is easy and quick.
Frani’s Grillied Ginger-Turmeric ChickenBy GrillieIf you like Asian fusion food you’ll love Frani’s turmeric ginger chicken. There is only one way to make turmeric ginger chicken on the grill and that is with the Grillie. Get ready for a rich, subtly layered taste experience.
Frani’s Fiesta Grillie ChickenBy GrillieFrani’s Grillie Fiesta Chicken is the latest in our out-of-this-world, “I can’t believe I made this on the grill!!”. Serve with rice or on tortillas. If you like corn salsa chicken, you will LOVE GRILLIED Fiesta Chicken. The flavor is indescribable! How else can you grill black beans and corn? GRILLIE makes grilling GREAT!
BBQ Grillied Calamari Scallions and Garlic with GingerBy GrillieGrillied Calamari, scallions and garlic with ginger spices. Now you can mix your favorite seafoods with the Grillie and blend the grilled flavors to create the best grilled taste ever. Juicy, flavorful and grilled. Take 15 minutes out of your day and try this recipe. Easy to prep and easy to grill and awesome to eat.
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