501 recipe combinations can be grilled in the GRILLIE 

No other grilling basket can grill like the GRILLIE

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HI, I Am Matt the MyGrillie Guy & would like to show you the GRILLIE!

All your food from French Fries to Desserts DONE in ONE, one cooking area, one cooking device, one GRILLIE!

Customer Reviews

This is a winner. I have tried the other grilling devices, like the screens and baskets. The Grillie is not anything like the others. I was skeptical at first. I did not think it would be much better than the others. I was way wrong. Grillie is amazing. The food is amazing. Best grilled food and the easiest way to grill any food. I grill more fish than I have ever before. Shrimp, mangoes and scallops! You will have to get your grillies and try it.

Martin / NJ Customer

I received a Grillie 1pack for a gift earlier this year. Was not sure if the Grillie would work. I tried the Grillie using the Sausage pepper onion garlic recipe and was blown away. I was able to grill the entire meal in 15 minutes. The flavors mixed and marinated in the grillie. The taste was amazing. Went and bought 4 more grillies. The entire meal can be grilled with the grillie. Try the lamb tomatoes onions and garlic recipe. 12 minutes on a charcoal grill. Juicy and tasty! Brilliant product and easy to use. 5 Stars PLUS!

John A. / NJ Customer

I LOVE GRILLIES! Just bought the Grillies last month. I can grill 40 Buffalo wings in my two grillies in 15 minutes. I have used frozen wings and my own wings. Amazing. So simple, so easy to use. I recommend to anyone who grills to get your Grillies today.

Gerry / NJ Customer

Awesome!!!! dont waste your time with the cheap screens or mats. The GRILLIE is simply the best. I write this review on the four pack site because I bought 2 and liked them so much I bought 2 more.Thanks grillie guy for inventing the greatest grilling device ever!

Rick / Texas Customer

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