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Making MyGrillie Fillie Dough Discs

Learn how to make the Grillie Fillie dough discs. Keep a dozen or so in the refrigerator for daily use for making Grillie Fillies.

BBQ Egg MyGrillie Fillies Plus Pasta MyGrillie Fillies

What is a Grillie Fillie? A Grillie Fillie is a grilled pizza dough ball filled with your favorite filling, it is pure Grillie magic. This Grillie recipe is for Breakfast Grilie Fillie (egg, bacon and cheese) and a pasta Grillie Fillie.

BBQ MyGrillie Fillie Meat Pockets

Grillied Meat Pockets are pizza dough balls filled with meat, cheese, veggies and your favorite spices. You and your guests will be amazed at what the Grillie can do. You can Grillie up to 20 Grillie meat pockets in less than 7 minutes. Hamburgers are great, but when you taste the Grillie meat pocket you may never want any other meat pocket again!