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Grillie Chicken and String Beans

Grillie chicken and string beans is another super chicken recipe. this is another great Grillie recipe by Fran. Only 10 minutes on the grill and you have your meat and veggies “ALL DONE IN ONE”. Grillie chicken and string beans will be a summer or warm winter favorite!

Frani’s Grillied Ginger-Turmeric Chicken

If you like Asian fusion food you’ll love Frani’s turmeric ginger chicken. There is only one way to make turmeric ginger chicken on the grill and that is with the Grillie. Get ready for a rich, subtly layered taste experience.

Frani’s Fiesta Grillie Chicken

Frani’s Grillie Fiesta Chicken is the latest in our out-of-this-world, “I can’t believe I made this on the grill!!”. Serve with rice or on tortillas. If you like corn salsa chicken, you will LOVE GRILLIED Fiesta Chicken. The flavor is indescribable! How else can you grill black beans and corn? GRILLIE makes grilling GREAT!

BBQ Chicken, Butternut Squash and Peas with Garlic

My wife suggested this recipe idea. Chicken breasts, butternut squash, peas and garlic. What a great recipe. Easy to grill and this recipe serves up to 12 people. Now, lets be honest, where else can you grill peas? Superb grilled taste and juicy, like any Grillie recipe.