Grillie Key Concepts

Key Concepts when using the Grillie

  1. Size of food
    1. Keep food pieces similar in grilling size, i.e. food sizes should be based on the estimated time to grill each food in the Grillie. Quick Grillie times may require pieces of garlic to be sliced thin so they cook at the same rate as string beans for example.
    2. In general you want to fill the Grillie about 1/2 or a little more than half.
  2. Using Oil
    1. You will want to spray oil on the Grillie as you turn the Grillie on the grill. The oil has several purposes. Keeping food moist, adding flavor, helping to cook the food and keeping food from sticking to the Grillie.
    2. See the different oils we have used here. Oils to use with grillie.
  3. Turning the Grillie
    1. You will learn that turning the Grillie is different for each recipe. I like to turn the Grillie several times and spray with oil at the beginning of grilling. This allows the food to be oiled evenly.
    2. The general rule of thumb is to rotate the Grillie every 2-4 minutes, depending on grill temperature and food type.

Filling The Grillie with Zucchini or String Beans, plus onions and garlic