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Grillie® on the Recteq Smoker

The Grillie® can be used on smokers. Grillie® on the Recteq smoker opens you to a world of infinite possibilities. You can fit 3 Grillies®on a Recteq smoker. We are smoking corn on the cob (6 ears in one Grillie®), Asparagus, tomatoes and garlic and yellow and green squash. We have also smoked sausage peppers […]

BBQ Grillie with Imagination

Listen to Matt Porraro Speak About The Grillie Matt Porraro Speaks About The Grillie. See How the Grillie is the Greatest Grilling Device of all time. Grillie changes grilling forever . Grill like never before. Meatballs, Grillie Fillies, 100 wings in 15 minutes and much more. Buy GRILLIES for your friends, your family and yourself […]

Grillie Key Concepts

Key Concepts when using the Grillie Size of food Keep food pieces similar in grilling size, i.e. food sizes should be based on the estimated time to grill each food in the Grillie. Quick Grillie times may require pieces of garlic to be sliced thin so they cook at the same rate as string beans […]

Grillie, Making Grilling Great

Making Grilling Great! Grillie will change the way you grill forever! What is the Grillie? Grillie is the solution to grilling the difficult to grill foods, such as string beans, fries, brussel sprouts, broccoli, zucchini, meatballs, wings, asparagus, shrimp, scallops, squid and so many other foods that either fall into the grill or you must […]

Cleaning The Grillie

In this Post we will show you how to clean the Grillie in under 1 minute. Three ways to clean your Grillie Scotch Brite Pads The easiest hand method to clean the Grillie Abrasive Soap Pad Blocks For food that sticks to the Grillie, eg Cheese bits Dishwasher The simplest way to wash and sanitize […]

Oils To Use With The Grillie

Why do we spray oil on the Grillie foods? There are four key reasons why we use oil with the Grillie. Helps to keep food from sticking to the Grillie Adds Flavor to your food Helps to cook your food evenly Keeps your grillied food moist Spray Oil on your Grillie Food