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The Grillie is a 304 stainless steel wire mesh cylinder (perfect for the beach house environment) with a removal cover that is designed to BBQ all the food that you normally could not grill, e.g. string beans, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, french fries and meatballs. You can cook for 16 people with four Grillies in less than 15 minutes. Now you can mix foods like never before. Check out the Shrimp Scallops, mango and Garlic in 1 Grillie that will feed 5 people 12 minutes.

  • 80 BBQ wings in 15 minutes
  • 20 Sausages with peppers, onions & garlic in 18 minutes
  • 32 Italian Hot Dogs with potatoes, peppers & onions in 15 minutes
  • 8 lbs. of Salmon, spinach, peach and garlic slices in 12 minutes
  • 4 lbs. of Asparagus, grape tomatoes and garlic in 12 minutes.
  • 80 Meatballs, onions, celery and garlic slices in 12 minutes.
  • No More Shish Kabob sticks! How about 6 lbs. of lamb, onions, garlic, grape tomatoes in 13 minutes.
  • 6 lbs. of Shrimp, scallops and mango in 12 minutes.
  • BBQ with Imagination
  • "If you can fill it, You can Grillie it!"

Four Grillies, Grillie Fries, Grillie Lamb Kabob, String Beans and Thin Grillie Fries.

Italian Hot Dogs in 15 minutes. Add ALL the ingredients into the Grillie. No more cooking each ingredient separately!!!


Grillie is made with 304 grade Stainless Steel. 304 Stainless Steel is Food Safe Material as per the FDA.

This Video explains how to use the Grillie to Grillie Salmon, Spinach and Butternut Squash

This video will show how to use the Grillie. I demonstrate the Grillie with Salmon, Spinach and Butternut Squash. The Grillie is the Greatest Grillie device ever. Easy, imaginative and you will have more fun with the Grillie than a human should have.

Grillie is not just an accessory grilling product like so many other baskets, sheets and clever devices that look good and are used once. Grillie is a way of life. Grillie will change the way you grill forever. The Grillie allows you to BBQ almost every kind of food or combination of foods that you can think of. The design of Grillie was for one purpose, grilling the difficult to grill vegetables, like string beans, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts and so many other small size veggies. Grillie excelled at grilling veggies beyond our wildest dreams. Then we tried something that had never been grilled before; we Grillied a mix of Meatballs, Onions, Garlic and Tangerines. The meatball dish was a sensation and we realized we had entire new world of grilling possibilities. See our Recipes for BBQ with Imagination.  We did not intend to change the way we grill. We just wanted to grill vegetables easily, however the invention of Grillie did change grilling forever. Now you can BBQ with Imagination and remember just fill it and GRILLIE it!  
Kale and MeatballsGrillied Sausage
Grillie works with Gas or Charcoal. My favorite is the flavor from charcoal. However you can add a small basket of wood chips to your gas grill to give the food your favorite smoky flavor.
Below is a Weber Charcoal Grill that can fit 3 Grillies at the same time.  This is a lamb dish and a seafood dish. Click here to see lamb recipe.
2 Grillies on charcoal grill. Lamb Grillie and Seafood GrillieThe finished meal - 12 minutes Lamb Dish and Seafood Dish
Grillie will work on just about every type of grill and Grillie will perform the best on grills with a cover. You can use any fuel source, gas, charcoal or wood. The only limitation is your grill size. If your grill is small, make sure Grillie will fit. Grillie is 5" diameter and 14" long.  Measure your grill if you are not sure. Grillie also works fine on an open grill, without a cover. You will need to adjust your Grllieing style when you use an open grill.
Typical grills where the Grillie will work well.

Cleaning The Grillie Is Easier than you Think.

Incredible as it may seem, if you use the spray oil techniques described in the Blog on Oils, most foods will not stick to the wire mesh.

Grillie can cook just about any kind of food that you imagine. Below is are pictures of some of the foods Grillie can cook. The Grillie can grill foods such as Vegetables, Fish, Shell Fish, Meat, Fruits, Breads, Starches and Poultry.


Below is a sampling of such foods. BBQ with Imagination and remember just fill it and Grillie it!