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Grillie Collard greens and Fresh GarlicBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyGrilled collard greens and fresh garlic using the Grillie is truly amazing. Grill 1 lb. of collard greens & garlic slices with the Grillie in 12-15 minutes. The flavor will be incredible. Grilled collard greens and other leafy veggies is where the power of the Grillie excels!
Grillie Zucchini and EggplantBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyThis is where the power of the Grillie outperforms everyone else. You can grill eggplant, zucchini and garlic slices together and have one of the best tasting grilled veggie meals ever. This is a Grillie classic.
Grillie Chicken and String BeansBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyGrillie chicken and string beans is another super chicken recipe. this is another great Grillie recipe by Fran. Only 10 minutes on the grill and you have your meat and veggies "ALL DONE IN ONE". Grillie chicken and string beans will be a summer or warm winter favorite!
Grillie Criss Cross Lemon Pepper ChickenBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyCriss Cross lemon Pepper Chicken is another recipe from Fran. Deceptively simple and yet may be the best chicken you will grill. No sticking to the grill, no tearing of the criss cross pieces and the chicken will be the most juicy grilled chicken you will ever have. The Grillie makes everything easy and the food tastes amazing.
Grillie Fillie Grande Blueberry or AppleBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyThe Grillie Fillie Grande is a new recipe built on the original Grillie Fillie idea. The Grande is s super sized Grillie Fillie. You can make savory or sweet Grande's. This recipe is a sweet Grande. You will be making not baking a grilled dessert that only takes 8 minutes on the grill and about 8 minutes to create.
Frozen Buffalo Chicken Wings Grillie StyleBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyIf I could design a way to grill buffalo chicken wings any easier I would, but I CAN'T. The Grillie is the fastest easiest and best way to grill buffalo chicken wings ever! You will feel like you are cheating it is so easy. Get yourself some frozen buffalo wings, I use Perdue Buffalo Chicken Style Wings, and fill your Grillie with 20 of them. Put them on the Grill and relax.
Grillie Shrimp Peach Onions and GarlicBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyGrill shrimp with peaches onions and garlic the easy way with the Grillie. This shrimp recipe cannot get any better or easier to grill. Mix shrimp, peaches, onions and garlic, grill for 10-12 minutes at 450 using the greatest grilling device ever "The Grillie" and serve a seafood dish your family will love! I promise you the Grillie will make the best tasting grilled food you will ever have!
Grillie Potatoes Peppers OnionsBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyA summer favorite, Grillied potatoes, peppers, onions and garlic. This recipe could also be done on your kitchen stove in a frying pan, however now you only need one cooking device to prepare your entire meal. Grill your entire meal with the Grillie. Grill your main course of Salmon, spinach and grapes and your side dish of Potatoes peppers and onions all on the grill. Gillie makes your meal prep so easy you will think you are cheating and the flavor will be the best tasting food from the grill.
Grillie Spinach and GarlicBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyGrillied spinach and garlic. You can now grill spinach and garlic using the Grillie. The taste is amazing! Juicy, grilled and garlicky. The only way to cook spinach and it is so easy you will feel like you are cheating at the grill.
Grillie Fries Bacon and CheeseBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyThese Grillie fries may be the best fries you will ever have. The Grillie will make fries so good I promise you that you will not be able to stop eating them. The recipe calls for a 1 Lb. bag of frozen shoe string fries or your favorite frozen fries, 3 strips of bacon and shredded cheddar cheese. Did I mention the fries will be healthiest fries you can make? Now grill fries with your hamburgers or hot dogs. You only need one place to cook, your grill. The Grillie is simply the best way to cook ever.
Grillie Chicken Capers Onions and GarlicBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyCapers on the grill? The Grillie is so much fun and so easy to use you can now add capers to your favorite grilled foods! Try this recipe, chicken, cannellini beans, capers, onions, garlic and fresh parsley. Serve over rotini pasta add grated cheese and enjoy an awesome grilled chicken meal.
Grillie Canned Potatoes and OnionsBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyHere is an easy way to grill sliced potatoes. The Grillie makes it so easy to grill canned sliced potatoes, onions and garlic. Slice onions and garlic and mix with the canned sliced potatoes, throw into the Grillie and in 15 minutes you will have grilled sliced potatoes. So easy so quick and so tasty! BIG thanks to Grilliephile Courtney for this recipe.
Grillie Salmon Peach (or Apricots) and Garlic SlicesBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyGrilled salmon, peach slices and garlic slices. My favorite seafood dish. The Grillie allows you to mix it up, like salmon peach or other fruits. One day I just decided to throw in peach slices and garlic slices with my salmon. What did I have to loose? The salmon peach dish turned out to be my favorite seafood dish ever. Everyone that I have served the salmon peach dish to has raved about it and what is truly amazing is the ease of grilling seafood in the Grillie. Enjoy this recipe, I know I do!
The Grilled Peanut Butter Peach and Chocolate Chips – Amazing Grillie Fillie DessertsBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyThe ultimate grilled food for Kids. This Peanut Butter peach and chocolate chip Grillie Fillie is almost like a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich except it is better tasting and healthier! Only 6 minutes on the grill. One Grillie can make 4 Peanut butter peach Grillie Fillies in 6 minutes. Your kids will love this Grillie dessert recipe.
Making Grillie Fillie Dough DiscsBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyLearn how to make the Grillie Fillie dough discs. Keep a dozen or so in the refrigerator for daily use for making Grillie Fillies.
Grillie Chicken with Curry Peas and GarlicBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyGrillie Chicken with Curry Peas and Garlic is another Grillie chicken recipe, and this time we are using chicken breasts. This Grillie chicken with curry is a bit spicy favoring an Indian style curry cuisine. Easy to prepare and feeds 4-5 people. The Grillie allows you to grill the entire meal without having to prepare sides and other dishes. Enjoy the Grillie Chicken!
Grillie Baby Bok ChoyBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyIf you like Bok Choy, then you will love Grillie Baby Bok Choy. Grillie making food taste better than any other way of cooking. Fill the Grillie to the top with Baby Bok Choy, oil and turn for 12 minutes and have some of the best tasting Bok Choy you will ever have.
Grillie Corn on the CobBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyAll I can say is try Grillie Corn on the Cob, it is so simple and it will be the sweetest, softest and juiciest corn on the cob you will ever have. Naturally we use Jersey corn. I want to thank Grillie customer Mary P. for suggesting Corn on the Cob in the Grillie. Great idea!
Grillie Salmon Grapes and SpinachBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyIf you want the best grilled salmon ever, you are in for a treat. Grillie salmon, grapes and spinach is a 5 star meal and it easy to grill. Three Grillies will feed easily 8 people. Grill time is about 12-15 minutes depending on your style of grilling. A fantastic seafood dish for everyone.
Grillied Cod, Fresh Pineapple and SpinachBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyEnjoy this Grillied Cod Fresh Pineapple and Spinach. Grill with imagination this is a simple and very tasty BBQ dish, made so simple with the Grillie.
Italian Hot Dogs Grillie StyleBy Matt The MyGrillie GuyThis may be my favorite summer Grillie meal. Italian Hot Dogs for the entire family. All the ingredients grilled together make this the BEST Italian Hot Dog dish I have ever had. You will need 8-16 Jumbo dogs, peppers, seasoned french fries or sliced potatoes, onions and some garlic. 15-18 minutes on the grill. Feeds 8-16 people.