Grillie Recipes

BBQ Apples and KaleBy GrillieApple and Kale was a recipe idea I heard about on a local radio station. Naturally I had to put the apple and kale into the grillie. This grillie recipe will be a fantastic side dish with Grillied Chicken or Pork. The grilled flavor is simply addicting. Apples and Kale require 3 minutes for prep and 7 minutes on the grill. You may use pear in place of the apple or mix the pear apple and kale as one combo.
BBQ Grillied Pork and PearBy GrillieThe Grillie liberates you from the restrictions of the grill. Now you can mix meat and fruit on the grill. The Grillie will BBQ pork, pear, onions and garlic. Grilled fruit and meat is sensational! You will be amazed with the grillied flavor of fruit juices and meat flavors. This is jus the beginning., try chicken and apple or meatballs and tangerines. BBQ with imagination. Grillie will change the way you grill forever.




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