Grillie Recipes

Grillie Red Potato Salad with OnionsBy GrillieThis is the Grillie version of potato salad. Now you can make a grilled potato salad with the Grillie. The taste will be unforgettable. Grillied potato salad is easy and quick.
BBQ Grillied Butternut SquashBy GrillieGrillied Butternut Squash tastes like candy with a grilled flavor. Simple and quick. Add sliced garlic cloves to the cubed butternut squash and in 15 minutes you will have a crowd pleaser.
BBQ French FriesBy GrillieGrill healthly eat healthy! Now you can grill real fries. Grillie is making grilling great! Who would have thought, Grillie Fries. Steak fries or Skinny fries, your choice. No more deep fried potatoes. Grill you fries with the Grillie. You can even grill frozen fries from the market.




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