Grillie Recipes

Frani’s Grillied Ginger-Turmeric ChickenBy GrillieIf you like Asian fusion food you’ll love Frani’s turmeric ginger chicken. There is only one way to make turmeric ginger chicken on the grill and that is with the Grillie. Get ready for a rich, subtly layered taste experience.
Frani’s Fiesta Grillie ChickenBy GrillieFrani’s Grillie Fiesta Chicken is the latest in our out-of-this-world, “I can’t believe I made this on the grill!!”. Serve with rice or on tortillas. If you like corn salsa chicken, you will LOVE GRILLIED Fiesta Chicken. The flavor is indescribable! How else can you grill black beans and corn? GRILLIE makes grilling GREAT!
BBQ Chicken Dumplings and VeggiesBy GrillieHow About Frozen Chicken Dumplings and Frozen Veggies in the Grillie? Would you like a quick grilled meal? Try this recipe: Frozen Chicken Dumplings and Mixed Asian Veggies. Incredible as it may seem, frozen foods are ideal for the Grillie. This meal serves 3-4 people and costs less than $6.00. Add 1 package of frozen chicken dumplings and 1 package of mixed veggies into a Grillie and allow to thaw. Put Grillie on the grill and cook as desired. Brown as much as you like.
BBQ Chicken, Butternut Squash and Peas with GarlicBy GrillieMy wife suggested this recipe idea. Chicken breasts, butternut squash, peas and garlic. What a great recipe. Easy to grill and this recipe serves up to 12 people. Now, lets be honest, where else can you grill peas? Superb grilled taste and juicy, like any Grillie recipe.
BBQ Grillied Chicken Thighs, Peas and CurryBy GrillieThis Grillie recipe is for grilling chicken thighs, curry, peas, onions, and garlic. Throw in 6 marinated chicken thighs into the Grille with Peas, (who grills peas?),Onions, cloves of Garlic and your favorite Indian style spices. This dish transforms your traditional BBQ chicken into a gourmet meal for 4 people. The Grillie Chicken thighs will are moist and juicy!!!
BBQ Grillied WingsBy GrillieWe know that we can grill wings, however if you are constanly flipping over 20-40 wings on the grill it can be very tedious. Grillie makes grilling wings effortless. If you have four Grillies you can Grillie 80 plus wings in less than 12 minutes. Grillied wings is not only effortless but the wings will the most juicy grilled wings you may ever have!




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