Grillie Recipes

BBQ Grillied Sausage & Broccoli RabeBy GrillieIf you love traditional Sausage and Broccoli Rabe you will love Grillied Sausage and Broccoli Rabe. With the Grillie you can now grill the sausage the broccoli rabe, onions and garlic all at the same time. Get the mixed flavors with the grilled taste. Simply sensational!!!
BBQ Kale and GarlicBy GrillieGrillied kale is a real treat. I must confess I never liked kale. However after I Grillied kale for the first time I became a Grillied kale lover. Moist and tasty and the garlic clove slices taste like candy. Also to make the kale a complete meal, just add three Grillied meatballs. Supurb! Healthy eating from the grill. Who would have thought?
BBQ Grillied MeatballsBy GrillieGrillied Meatballs may be one of our favorite Grillie recipes. Your family and friends will love your grillie master skills after you serve Grillied Meatballs, with Grillied Kale and wine!
BBQ Grillied Lamb Kabob w Tomato, Garlic and OnionBy GrillieNO need for skewers for this kabob! Simply add the cut up ingredients into your Grillie and roll! Basic ingredients: Lamb, grape tomatoes, garlic and onion. Grillie makes shish kabob a snap. Wait until you taste BBQ Grillie Kabob!
BBQ Grillied Pork and PearBy GrillieThe Grillie liberates you from the restrictions of the grill. Now you can mix meat and fruit on the grill. The Grillie will BBQ pork, pear, onions and garlic. Grilled fruit and meat is sensational! You will be amazed with the grillied flavor of fruit juices and meat flavors. This is jus the beginning., try chicken and apple or meatballs and tangerines. BBQ with imagination. Grillie will change the way you grill forever.




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